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Photography is the art of frozen time… the ability to store emotion and feelings within a frame. -- Meshack Otieno

If you've gotten to this point, you've probably figured out I'm a photographer. ;-)

I'm based in the beautiful town of Aiken, SC, and enjoy shooting in the Carolinas, from the beaches to the mountains. But my travels take me around the country, from the East Coast to the West Coast, and I always travel with a camera.

I shoot almost anything.  Landscapes and nature images are where I started, but I've branched out into people, horses, and architecture.

My first 'real' camera was a classic Argus C3 that my father bought in 1949. I transitioned to SLR film cameras and did some darkroom work while in high school and college. But then I went on a hiatus from 'serious' photography as my life went in other directions. I rediscovered my passion for photography a few short years ago. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed capturing an image and creating those stored " ....emotion[s] and feelings within a frame."

I really enjoy capturing the beauty I see around me and presenting it in a way that evokes emotions from the viewers. Maybe not the same emotions I felt when I captured it, but emotions nonetheless.

While I've not had any formal training in college level classes, I've learned an awful lot from some great photographers, and good friends. My style has been influenced by numerous photographers and artists that I've followed. So, while I can't claim to be 'self-taught', I will claim some natural ability to frame an image that has been nurtured by many friends and mentors.

You can also see my photos on Flickr and 500px.

My work has been shown in several galleries and been seen in several magazines.  The Aiken, SC, Chamber of Commerce featured my work in their "Welcome Aiken 2016"  brochure.


My photos are available for sale, and they can be presented on various types of media. If you don't find what you want on these pages, please drop me an e-mail, I can do custom crops and quote prices for different sizes. I am also open to discussions about photo requests, including portraits. I can be reached at apgougephoto@gmail.com.